• Wednesday, July 8th – Prayer Meeting will continue to be Facebook live stream only until at least September.
  • Sunday, July 12th – Continue Worship in-person in Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall as well as Facebook live; 
    • Resume in-person Sunday School classes, practicing social distancing seating;
    • Preschool and Children’s teachers will try to limit children touching as much as possible and encourage regular handwashing; Parents will be instructed to stay home if children show any type of illness (i.e. running nose, earaches; coughing, fever, etc.)
    • Preschool and Children’s teachers will be instructed to use Sunday School literature for week March 22, 2020 and continue successively until September 6th when the 4th quarter literature is received.
    • Teachers will be given a bottle of disinfectant and asked to spray down their rooms after each class.
  • Other ministries (Community Breakfast; Reformers Unanimous, WMU, etc.) will be cancelled through July and resume when appropriate. 

The starting and transition dates may change if circumstances necessitate doing so. 


  • Seating will be restricted to every other pew;
  • We will also utilize the Fellowship Hall where a live stream (audio and video) will play;
  • Attendees will sit with their immediate family unit, using physical distances between each family unit;
  • Employ ushers to assist with seating; once the Sanctuary is at capacity (following social distancing guidelines), attendees will be asked to sit in the Fellowship Hall; ask all to be flexible;
  • Ushers and Greeters will wear masks and gloves;
  • Hand Sanitizer stations will be available;
  • Encourage attendees – no hugging, hand-shaking, etc.; practice social distancing, including in restroom.
  • Offering will be collected via a centrally-located collection box or via online giving or mail-in;
  • Communion will be administered (using self-contained sacraments) and placed either in the back of the pews or at a pick-up location in the Fellowship Hall ahead of the service time;
  • Ushers will dismiss attendees by family unit or by pew, maintaining proper social distancing;
  • Instruct anyone who is sick or who have sick children to stay home and watch services on-line;
  • Encourage anyone who is 65 or older or who have underlying at-risk health conditions to stay home and watch services online or attend drive-in services;
  • Employ volunteers to stay and sanitize seats and frequently used surfaces after services.